Partnership with Lift Disability Network

Partnership with Lift Disability Network

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Oviedo Presbyterian Church is beginning a ministry partnership with the Lift Disability Network. The regular monthly events will begin on in April on the first Friday of each month.

Current Proposal:

  • Lift Disability Network will have a monthly meeting on the last Friday evening of the month at OPC. A similar program will be conducted at a church on the west side of town.
  • The meeting will reach out to families of people with disabilities to support and connect them with one another and resources (of all ages)
  • While Lift will organize and run the program they would like to partner with the people of OPC and our surrounding community. This will be a great opportunity and blessing for us. Involvement can be as simple as bringing some food and participating in the program and developing relationships with those attending. Providing musical accompaniment is an other opportunity. They welcome our participation.
  • Lift’s vision includes the eventual emergence of a worshiping group
  • Lift would like to help support OPC by providing the custodial/cleaning services that we would ordinarily pay for the Friday they use the church. They also foresee help OPC with other labor such as some playground upkeep.

Things to keep in mind:

  • There is a great need in our area.
  • It will be a way for our congregation to minister in Jesus’ name to people to whom Jesus was particularly attracted.
  • Just as those participating in feeding the homeless people are blessed, I believe OPC people will be similarly blessed as they participate with Lift.
  • God holds us responsible to put the resources he’s entrusted to us to work for the sake of his kingdom (such as the building)
  • It is a win-win situation for the kingdom of God