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Big Things Come in Small Packages

Picture of Great Dane and Chihuahua

Big things often come in small packages.

This was clearly true last Sunday afternoon as we served meals to people who are homeless and hungry. We were getting to the end of the food and things were winding down. People were still coming in small groups but the line was gone. A tall strong man noticed we might have some taco topping left over and asked Molly for whatever was left. He and Molly had spoken with each other during previous trips and he remembered her name. He’d tease her saying, “Good golly, Miss Molly.” With an overflowing plate in his hand, he persistently asked for more food. While the banter was playful on one level, I sensed an uncomfortable undertone so I walked over and stood by Molly. I quickly realized that Molly didn’t need any help. She playfully sparred with him and proved to be more than his match. As more people came through the line it appeared that little or nothing would be left. The man continued to push for whatever remained in the pot – now rather than later. But Molly patiently and kindly told him to wait until everybody was served. Then, as Molly scooped the final remains of taco meat from her pot for someone else, something totally wonderful happened. Ginger.

July 2015 Pastor's Ponderings

Picture of Dylann Roof at Bond Hearing

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Last week we were confronted by a terrible tragedy. Racism and hatred drove a young man to slaughter nine people and deeply impact the lives of countless others. We face the question of, “What must we do?” Remaining the same is not an option.

June 2013 - Pastors Newsletter Article

Picture of a Welcome Mat
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Do you remember the first time you visited this church? Did you walk in not knowing anybody? Did you encounter unknown faces, music, and habits? What made you feel welcome? What brought you back?

Since you received this newsletter you most likely worshipped with us; probably more than once. Some of you are longtime members. Many have recently started to worship and serve with us. Others are in the process of checking things out.

Each of us was at one time a “visitor.”

This is Discipling - Video from Sunday Nov. 13

Several people had requested information on how they could view and share the video that I shared during the sermon on Sunday.

February 2014 Pastor's Ponderings

Image of Open Hands
Thank you for giving to the Lord!

Giving anything to anyone is a big step. To give is to understand that it is not all about “me.” Giving may grow out of concern for the needs of others outweighing our own, love, the joy of giving, gratitude, being content with what we have, and God working in our hearts.

As Christians we give from more than our wallets. We give our hearts to God to be shaped like his. We give time, concern, friendship, a listening ear, helpful hands, strong backs, as well as soft hearts to those in need. We speak up and stand up for those who are silenced.